MFW16: Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

Not too long ago I did a post on “Couture for Men“, not familiar? Click here and then double back. I was never the one to swoon over a Zegna collection I thought it was quite stuffy, and couldn’t understand the price point for the life of me. I would walk into their store on fifth avenue and wonder why?! Until today, I had that same feeling towards the brand not that it wasn’t well made, but I just couldn’t understand what infatuation one would have; then Stefano Pilati, sent a collection out that spoke volumes and told stories.IMG_7638 Fixated on the luxurious fabrics that were used, and you know it’s luxurious if you can call it such by just viewing the clothing via the Internet and not in person. Straight out the gates the collection wowed me. I couldn’t believe Zegna created garments that spoke to my motto “Luxury or Nothing” well it belonged to Andre Leon Talley, first but I took it. Unfolding in front my eyes, was a show full of beading, exquisite embroidery, and jacquard. I always thought to myself when I would see Zegna labels and it had the word “couture” on it; I would say where? I always thought of Couture as one of a kind pieces with price tags to match its rareness. FullSizeRender-4As the collection went on it began to unfold into nothing but greatness. I found myself experiencing a feeling I had never felt with said brand, and that was remarkable. Capes & cloaks trending all across the different cities, and runways. Who did it first though? I think it was me in the year of 2015, actually it was a year ago “almost” it happened during NYFW before it was split. There I was prancing around Manhattan in a Cloak. Wait, that’s off topic as the topic for once isn’t I. Kidding, strictly kidding. Look 6 turned out to be one of my favorites, and what made it one of them was the simplicity. At times; really nice, and simple garments can take you a long way. Quite impressive if you ask me, it was the jacket; yes the jacket that completed look 6. As things progressed it became evident that Stefano wasn’t letting up. He was hitting us hard with couture creations. Now it takes more than just a piece of clothing to make things work. You need top-notch styling to bring it together. The mixed material in the coats sent chills through my bones. Flip over or perhaps in your case scroll over to look 11. There lies a coat that will be in high-demand once samples are made available to be pulled. Such a chic look. Men say chic? Oh you didn’t know!? The invisible buttons beside the top one, and the gorgeous arms. There was a line of symmetry here that invoked all types of emotions from myself. The models flawless skin & skin tone aided in the execution of this piece. FullSizeRender-6 As the show continued it started to strip away a layer of clothing, which in all honesty was for the best. How can we properly judge something that we can’t exactly see? Look 17 reminded me of what a royal family may look like when they’re dressed down, but not in casual clothing. It’s a dream of mine one day to be that very guy. Perhaps the royal part will be one thing I can’t just give to myself, but the clothing, the feeling, the look. Another simple, but effective look, and I need a close up of the shoes, which complimented theses pleated pants. The embellished sweaters started to appear, and my mouth began to water. What was I witnessing here? Respect was being earned, and quite quickly may I add. Talk about picture worthy. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself purchasing one of these gems once the collection releases, do send me a photo. Clearly, Stefano’s tenure at Yves Saint Laurent paid off. What he did with this collection was not give us what everyone expected. He gave us something new, and not recycled. I’m sure the thought of just remaking the rich mens essentials came to mind. Exotic animal bags, pricey fur coats, and a nice simple cashmere sweater; that would have been a limitation of creativity placed on him by himself. Perhaps the smartest move was to travel outside your comfort zone, and tell us why Zegna can have couture written on its labels.