LCM16: Tiger of Sweden Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

FullSizeRender-5Tiger of Sweden threw me off a bit as well. Here I was expecting a collection of superb tweed suits, but no. Clearly they had a different path. This particular camel-orange color flowed through the collection, which added a touch of pizazz.. FullSizeRender-4
I can admit, I wasn’t expecting anything too out there from this particular brand. I haven’t known them to be so “loud” when it comes to clothing. FullSizeRender-6Take the camel-orange look that has colour splashed across the entire shirt. I just wasn’t expecting that, and then for it to be paired with this gorgeous monochromatic look with high-waisted pants. Let’s talk looks, because that is one for the count. Next they delivered an epic bomber that shines with no remorse. I’ve been finding myself obsessed with the colors brown & burn’t Orange. In this case “camel-orange or orange-camel“, whichever sounds like a winner. Is that pretentious? Rhetorical! Moving on, this collection delivered on “pieces”, and by pieces I mean the collection offered you a piece from every look that one can definitely take home to make their staple piece. Although some people may find it hmm underwhelming, I find it to be a plus when you can pick apart a collection, and wear things separately without the public knowing exactly what you have on. What Tiger of Sweden did was stay away from the trend. People either love or hate Trendy. It becomes tiresome, and expensive when you play “Keeping up with the Runway