LCM16: Topman Design Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

TopmanFW16Viola, I have returned at the start of Fashion Month. Here we are awaiting what’s about to grace the stores later this year, and I do mean later. Topman is always up first as if they always arrive to class early. Here I was an eager being awaiting the show to start via bloggers, editors, and such who are in fact in London Town. Things started out heavy, and when I say things I mean the fabric of course, but that’s expected right? I mean it is the fall collection. The first three looks with all of its wool won me over. I love when fabric just looks too good to be true, and that is the case of looks 1-3.?IMG_7310 Perfectly aligned fabric, that stops in the perfect place. Topman brought back the “cropped” thing they did back with their Fall 2013 collection which was one of my favorites. Back in July when I started to plan out my looks for the colder months ahead. I found myself being into that sweater too long for my jacket arm on purpose moment. I don’t know really, but there’s something about an invisible hand that is just all the rave in life right now. Look 2 just seems so comfortable, and I’m love the matching sweater & beanie in terms of fabric, color, and looseness if that is even a word.IMG_7311 Look 3 is such a gem, do I need carrot hair to pull it off though? Here we go again with the sleeve being too long for that jacket; Love it, and the perfectly proportioned pants all stopping at the right place, and hopefully not getting stepped on as you walk. As the show continued we went from heavy to a bit lighter with Denim flowing in. Found myself strictly stuck on look 9, I barely paid any attention to the other denim looks which was a mistake on my behalf as I found out when I flipped through the lookbook once more. Obviously I was mesmerized by the shredded sweater, oversized white button up, and almost velvet like denim trousers. This look had no faults, and when something is perfect it’s almost hard to move on. Life really began to flow once look 16 made its way in front of my eyes. I’m sure I’m too short for this look, but we’ll find that out later this year. In the mean time, this overcoat and oversized knit sweater are to die for. “U can’t touch this” que MC Hammer for me. As you moved on you started to see the influence of Alessandro Michele, Gucci has quite a bit of designers following in their footsteps this season. Clearly the impact of the 70’s was spot on, and people gravitated towards it with no hesitation. A year ago, people found crush velvet deplorable, and now the trend is on.