Toothpaste, a definite necessity for everyday life in Modern Society. How did they live without it for so long? Was there a different form of “Toothpaste” or did they have special remedies for keep fresh breath? That’d be a good research paper, for another person, because I’m done with school for right now. A few months back I was browsing one of my favorite sites Mr.Porter, and I came across these special items. Not knowing if they were worth the money. Take a chance; I said. Ordered a tube, and fell in love! Seriously it’s a different feeling brushing with such a luxurious paste. Am I reaching for the stars here; not really! Now when I’m walking down the toothpaste aisle in the supermarket, and/or pharmacy I’m only purchasing those other brands as a back up for when I run out of Marvis. It’s like we’re friends! He’s got my back, and I got him! Now I’ve only tried the Silver flavor thus far,and I’m impressed. It’s up to you guys to let me know how the rest taste. Or will I beat you to the punch?

Shop Marvis here or click on the images for direct links! Click the top image to be directed to the Marvis website. Enjoy!