MALECRITIQUE’S 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS * DAY 4 | Want Les Essentiels Bags

WantEssMCxmasIf you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram & Twitter, then you know I’ve been raving about the Want Les Essentiels brand, and their bags! You know it’s hard to find a bag that’s actually worth the price, and not just the name. I’ve been lusting for one of these bags ever since the day I walked into Bergdorf Goodmans, and then it was Barney’s that really sold me on the product.

Let’s look beyond the surface of this just being a bag. Let’s get into the detail, and functionality of these bags. You know it’s high-end brands out their actually making bags without any extra pockets on the inside? Hell! You’re lucky if you get an outside zip pocket as well. Extremely preposterous if you ask me. Sure the name is there, but what else? Where’s the slot for my MacBook? Come on let’s talk, what’s important here!? Take note, this isn’t to down the other brands, but more; to pump up the volume on why first, this brand made the countdown, and why the man in your life will definitely appreciate one of these beauties! I’ve yet to visit the new Want Les Essentiels store, but believe me I’ll be there soon & very soon with my card ready to swipe. While surfing their site I deliberately, didn’t go for the most expensive bags although there’s this burnt orange leather bag that’ll set you back 1k, let’s not dwell on that. Instead I picked options that come in around half of that, and if you’re lucky there may still be a sale! Shop here, and be forever favored! 

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