MCDOPEXMAS How could I celebrate Christmas without adding a few DOPE items? Clearly that would’ve been disrespectful. Clearly it would’ve been selfish.FullSizeRender-3 couldn’t wait until day 11 I had to put DOPE at the beginning of the list. If you’ve been paying attention, DOPE has had quite the celebrity buzz, especially with TYGA staying equipped with Garments from DOPE. In my head I’m always like I wore it, Tyga wore it obviously I’m famous haha. Kidding, however I’m not kidding about these items being DOPE. FullSizeRender-2Let’s dive in shall we? Here I was browsing the site picking out items, and I came across this distressed sweater, “can I just say, I am upset about this item. How did I not know they had this amazing piece in their inventory” It’s a little piece of Kanye, or maybe not? Moving on! Call me General R! I’m into costumes, and although this isn’t a costume, I like the feeling of feeling like a different person everyday I walk out of my apartment. Wait! Pause.. I know who I am though; I was just blessed with this thing called an Imagination. Some days I’m just a regular guy who lives in NYC, and other days, I’m a black billionaire, a Prince, a fearless knight. Whatever I am, I just want to be wearing this STANDARD ISSUE M65 piece in both colors you hear me? Some days I like to relax, some days I need to relax, some days I only want to leave my apartment for food, but even on these days I like to step out of my place wearing something Dope. Being me is quite the job. I mean, from now on when people ask me what my occupation is, I should say being Rashad! Now how do I file taxes on that? I had to include the two items below. Yes, these are on my personal Christmas list; just in case you were wondering what I wanted.

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