AESOPXMAS16MC I’ve had the opportunity of testing out these products at various places. From Menswear events to Conde Nast Bathroom runs. Often times, we take skin care, and grooming products for a joke. IMG_5615It’s usually like “whatever gets the job done“. Most people are out searching for a $39 hand wash, but it’s more than just a hand wash. Let’s speak on it. The first time I used it, I was thoroughly impressed. I was in the bathroom like “Omg this smells so good, and my hands feel amazing“; pretty much thinking out loud hoping no one walking pass heard me talking to myself. Feel it all around.IMG_5614I know most men take pride in having rough hands, but lets move out of the stone age here. Or is that too metrosexual for you ladies? Different Day, Different story! How about investing in a mouthwash? Yeah I know Listerine works wonders, and it’ll cost you $7 at the most for big bottle, but this is Christmas, and we’re looking for presents that aren’t so everyday. i.e We don’t want nothing you can find in your local supermarket. Impress the man in your life, introduce him to something new! AESOP has hundreds of products “so it seems” when you go onto their site, you find yourself going “hmmmmm, which of these do I actually need?“; Been there, done that! This is easily fixed if there is a AESOP store in your city. I know I’m privileged, because I live in NYC, but I’m sure they have more locations out & about. Shop AESOP here or click on Images for a direct link!