MaleCritiqueXmas15.1Let’s end 2015 on a good note, and by Note I mean those “notes” that chemist refer to when describing a cologne and/or perfume. IMG_5594Everything in life is so heighten right now with all the crazies running around causing Chaos. Security is heightened, food is heightened, basic necessities, and my nose. My nose because I’m attracted to amazing scents. It’s one thing to smell food, but it’s another to be able to indulged in a beautifully crafted fragrance. Major applause to all the scientist out there dedicating their lives to making me smell good. One may ask why Margiela? It is because it’s designer? IMG_5595No my dear friend, you are In fact very wrong. If you don’t meet anyone else, you can meet me and I will tell you I have fragrances from anywhere, as long as it smells good. I don’t care if it’s $10 or $100 it’s all about the scent. I’ve been playing around with these Margiela fragrances for a while now “like 6 months“, ever since I came across them one day in Sephora. I was automatically drawn to their “Margiela’sJazz Club fragrance. It’s something about those heavy musk scents that just pull me in. Picture it, Harlem in the 1920’s, at the Cotton Club! If you can’t picture that, then think Duke Ellington and the Harlem Renaissance Era! If you’re still lost, while lets take you to a Barber shop! Why? Well that’s another one of Margiela’s scents, it’s called “At the Barber” and this my friend smells almost as amazing ok, maybe it’s a tie, because they’re two different types of smells. Skeptical? You really shouldn’t be, but if so. Stop by your Local Sephora for a sample, or just stop by a Margiela store! Click here or on the Images to Shop!