FullSizeRenderDo you find yourself looking at the structure of your shoe much more now than ever before? I can attest to this drama. Being from Florida where everyone drives your shoes were in less danger. Now I’m at a place in life where I have to worry about whether half of the heel of my shoe will be missing, or whether it’s going to get stepped on as it just did this morning when I was on the train to work. It’s like why? What did I do to deserve this black mark on my crisp white sneakers? These are white cotton shoes, which means until washed this little black mark will have a home. It’s like a sense of lost hope when you wear a pair of new shoes, and by the time you’ve arrived home some of the rubber has disappeared or that wood is preparing for a long road ahead. There’s a conclusion to my allusion I assure you this. Ask any “New Yorker” about their constant battle with shoes in the city. What’s it like to actually have to utilize a business that fixes shoes after they’ve undergone tremendous turmoil from the city’s sidewalks? Yes, New York has ruined my shoes, but the real question here is how does one tackle this issue? Is it inevitable? Unless you’re rich or have the means to constantly uber yourself to every destination, which basically means you’re rich, you have no way of avoiding the damage that comes to life once you move to the concrete jungle. Also, if you’re a guy, and Louboutin aka Red bottoms are your shoe of choice, you may want to have two pair of the same shoe. One for everyday, One for special events.