Whether you were Bossy like Kelis or shining like Nelly in the Grillz video, did you “we” ever officially thank these two for popularizing such a moment in hip-hop? Still, till this day Grillz are a thing and still being purchased. Obviously the craze isn’t what it use to be, but isn’t that what makes them so much more of staple. The fact that this trend hasn’t faded out entirely? “Diamonds on my neck, di di Diamonds on my grill“. Kelis deserves the first round of applause being that she introduced this moment to the world in an epic clip in her Bossy video. Nelly cemented this craze with his Grillz video “Smile for me daddy, let me see ya grill”. Even Jermaine Dupri let us know that this video would cause an epidemic, and it did. Today very few rappers can be seen flaunting grillz like it’s the year 2005, however we still have Lil Wayne to remind us of what once was, and you can even catch some less famous person with a grill in their mouth today, usually not made of diamonds; however, the look is there, and so is the homage. Thank you Kelis, and Thank you Nelly.