No ma’am I do not want to try 5 different fragrances. Have you ever entered a department store, and automatically felt attacked? This is the story of “The Hound or The Hounded” sometimes a person likes to browse, whether it is until their next payday or until they’ve found something worth buying. I don’t need you lingering around the counter while I test out new fragrances. Can I smell in peace? I’ve had my fair share of attacks in department stores well-known throughout the US. I distinctively remember a time back in 2013 when I worked on the Upper Eastside. I was entering into a store on 59th and Lexington Avenue, on the side where cosmetics begin. I wasn’t prepared for the hounds to start barking at me, I swear it was sixth of them lined up; three on the left, and three on the right, and I had to make it out of that trap alive. Although I did want to stop at one of the counters. I just couldn’t bare to get eaten if I wasted their time by not purchasing a single item so I kept it moving. It would serve retailers best, if they didn’t make customers feel like they were walking down Canal Street while inside their store. In my opinion a pleasant approach works 10 times better. I’ve never worked a commission job, so I can’t directly relate to the amount of pressure one must be under to make goal. I have however interviewed for one of those positions, and thank god I never got that call back, because I’m way too much of an introvert to be barking at customers to try out my product, and not the counter next to mines. Clearly shopping isn’t what it use to be, I don’t remember this drama as a child, but then again I guess they weren’t targeting me, but my mom.