DOPE n’ Fall: Day 1

IMG_2689You may remember DOPE aka Dope Days, the summer series. Well that went so well that a Fall series was offered up in so many different words. This is, Dope n’ Fall, obviously the Fall series, and I can’t even explain how much I love this clothing. My life is pretty much work so everyone in the building I work in, gets first dibs on what I’m wearing and when I’m wearing DOPE. It’s even been asked if this was my brand or a friend’s brand. I answer truthfully by saying it’s neither. It’s a brand from out in LA that I love, and the person pretty much replies “DOPE“. I really need a camera guy. Shoutout to my friends back home you guys were the real troopers when it came to daily photography.FullSizeRender-1 These looks came at a perfect time too, because Adidas has this new shoe, Tubular X. Honestly one of my favorite items in my room. I’ve never personally owned any Adidas anything until now, and I’m in the market for more colors. Now compared to my normal attire, one may say I’m dressing down, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this clothing. It’s not as casual as one may think it’s actually very well made. Sure it’s loose(r), disclaimer these black Dope pants I’m wearing were actually a bit tight I had to watch my movement. The fit had me sitting up straight! You probably can’t tell that from all the movement that went on within these photos but that’s the beauty. The days in NYC are growing shorter by the moment, the temperatures are slowing falling as well as fluctuating. Perhaps Mother Nature is a bit reluctant this year? On another note, thank god I work in the Fashion Industry. Although it’s very corporate, at least it’s not a law firm. I would never get away with being so “cool” at work; I also like the transformation this brand provides me with. A whole new me you say? Shop here for these DOPE fall pieces !