The Sweaters We Want

Fall has arrived and Winter is approaching. To this degree “36” to be exact, you can now pull out your sweaters. The old ones, the ones you bought on sale after the winter season ended early this year, and the new ones you’ve just now been buying. I love Fall & winter with all of my heart. It’s something about those two seasons that just makes everyone happy. Perhaps, it’s the holidays, perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s all the days off of work that come with this time of year. For me, in all of my shallowness it’s the clothing I get to wear. The layers you get to create. I’ve rounded up a number of sweaters I think you and I would both be interested in. Sometimes clothing is just a fantasy. Why? You ask.. Well sometimes it’s not affordable so it becomes a fantasy like this Gucci coat I’ve been dying for ever since it came into my job about 3 or 4 months ago. Within these sweaters lies options under the $500 range. You’re probably thinking who does this guy think is buying this? Well I told you once before, and I’ll tell you again. Luxury or Nothing!