The universe is currently providing me with an influx of amazing kits for men. It’s like someone is sitting outside my window watching me talk to myself about accessories for men.
I get it, most men aren’t hygiene freaks. I totally understand that, but you all must understand that there’s a population of men out there spending much more money on keeping themselves well-groomed than the average women is. Enough of my cry out for equality. There’s this company by the name of PINCH, and they have a cool emergency kit for men. Not that a ton of men know how to sow so the needle and thread might not serve as a major life savor, but having it can definitely make a difference. There’s always that chance that some lady around you may have the answer to your problems. Moving on, let’s talk freshening that breath. We all have moments of the Tart-mouth. Listen to what I’m saying here. This isn’t to say that one didn’t properly brush their teeth, but you have to remember the reasons why ones breath might not be listerine fresh when they arrive to work.IMG_0544 Living in New York City,I can give you two immediately reasons why one may not “CIGARETTES, and COFFEE” two of the most popular products within the five boroughs. Within this kit contains a small bottle of spray mouth wash aka “Breath Drops” as the bottle calls it. It doesn’t stop there oh no this small package packs a big punch. It also comes with a microscopic size lip balm. How many mornings do you forget to grab your chapstick fellas? For those with oily skin or for those who feel to need to clean your face throughout the day it’s comes with a single pack of facial tissue. Forgot to put deodorant on this morning? Covered it comes with a single pack of that as well. Spilled that morning coffee on your shirt? There lies a stain remover packet within this case as well. Headache? Advil is there to save the day. Need to cut, and clean those nails of yours? There’s a miniature finger nail file, and as well a finger clipper within. How does all of this fit right? Same thing I asked myself as I was unpacking it when I first received it. Cut yourself? Bandage needed on isle 2? Covered! Yes, this package was sent down from Heaven, almost like a guardian hygiene angel.