Let’s Talk PLAID

IMG_1222Is it for you, or is it not? Do you laugh when you see how obnoxious it can be or do your eyes light up at the thought of patterns mixed with scarves? What about plaid mixed with ruffles? Yes we’re taking things back a few eras. Plaid and flared pants or for better words “Bell Bottoms” has returned, can we say the 70’s is coming back strong. If you pay any
attention to Fashion Week you know that designers are making menswear pretty hmmm what’s the word? Flamboyant again. IMG_1219Take Gucci’s Fall 2015 collection. Silky, and overtly dramatic feminine wear for men. One must admit it takes pretty big balls to throw on these assembles and be comfortable with oneself. If you’re at a lost, run over to Instagram and check out the biggest male bloggers and see what they’re dripping in. I must admit that I honestly know that this isn’t for everyone, but live a little, take a chance. I loved bold statements “when it pertains to clothing anyhow”. In these photos I’m actually dripping in Topman Design Fall 2015 Runway. With the city turning gloomy this look that I’m dawning is basically a night-light. There’s plaid and then there’s yellow, and black! Buzzing like a bee, but me I don’t sting a-ling. These colors are pretty much hard to pull off unless you’re wearing some type of sports uniform, but I think this look were curated perfectly; with this look one must be ready to turn heads, and start conversations. I always wanted to be a Bee Gee, and here’s my chance to shine.IMG_1220