Can You Pull a PRINCE?

Prince Piano LegYou have to wonder how it actually feels to be Prince. You also have to wonder what his secret is. You know his secret on how he captivates women, and hell men. This isn’t about being homosexual this is about FANDOM. Moving on from that before things get lost in translation. Can you pull a Prince? Not can you get with him, but can you be him? I.e can another man carry himself the way Prince carries himself, and still have millions of women lusting after you? It’s hard to say; then again is it? Men get judge everyday based on how masculine they are or appear to be. I guess I’m telling myself it takes a certain man or male to be Prince.anigif_enhanced-26397-1412904645-5 Let’s pause for a moment! Is it the fact that Prince is a rock star? I mean he hasn’t always been PRINCE the Celebrity. He too was once a young man. How’d he carry himself then, I guess I would need to do way more research. Not to say that no man can be PRINCE. Dennis Rodman probably the most eclectic basketball player to ever live. Lenny Kravitz one of the coolest rockers alive, and Marilyn Manson one of the scariest rockers alive. These men too have been able to defy masculine odds with their looks and charisma. Dennis Rodman crossed dressed, and still dated some of the most beautiful women back in the 90’s. Marilyn Manson has always seemed to keep a relationship. What’s the difference between them, and the average man of America? It can’t all be the fame or money. I’m at a quandary with this case “The Curious Case of Prince”. Lets say there’s a 99% percent change that you can’t pull a Prince, that sounds about right don’t you think? This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try, this is a question of can you; not that you can’t. Good Luck!