Is Saint Laurent Blending Genders?

I asked that for the newcomers, because if you know Fashion and I mean really know Fashion, you should know that Yves has been on this quest since the birth of his collection. Today they same the Saint Laurent man is actually a woman. Why do they say that? Well have you ever tried on Saint Laurent? No? Well I have and the clothing is skin-tight. Assuming you buy or try your actually size and not the next size up. Have you ever read up on Yves? Decades ago they spoke about how serious and nervous of a man he was, they also spoke volumes on how well dressed he was. It makes you wonder just how much influence he has over Fashion today even with his passing? If you compare a Saint Laurent mens show to a Saint Laurent women’s show the only difference you’ll really see in the clothing is the human and possibly the length i.e if it happens to be a dress. Are dresses losing their “Women only” rights? These days in some shape or form they’re finding their way into the men’s department. Is that a Jaden Smith doing? Should we credit him for this movement or was this before him, but just behind the scenes? All questions that need answers. I’m currently reading an article above Yves so follow me on Twitter @MaleCritique to see what I think after the fact.