This Fall I’m Playing Varsity

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 1.58.07 AM In my head at least. Unfortunately I wasn’t a jock in High School; not to say that I didn’t matter, because I’m pretty sure I was more well-known than many of those athletes. I was in the band though. Wait! Wait! Wait a minute, I was not a band geek. I just needed something to do my junior year in High school, and a friend at the time suggested that. Moving on, I’ve been obsessed with Letterman Jackets since I came across those teens movies of the 80’s i.e Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Grease, etc. I’ve always wanted a custom one; you know with my stamp on it. It’s been years of looking, and never actually going forth with the purchase. This shall soon change as I have found a website that makes custom jackets. If you thought it was going to be any other color, you obviously don’t know me that well, and you should start from the beginning of this website. Fall is upon us in the city, the leaves have already started falling. The weather isn’t quite there yet, but she’s approaching. Lets say you did nothing in High School to obtain a Letterman Jacket. Lets say you weren’t even in the band like myself. Hold on! Now that I think about it, “I had the opportunity to purchase a Letterman Jacket from my school, but I didn’t want those colors.” Lets say you really want one right now. Shop Here , and customize your own today or tonight; depending on your location.