FullSizeRenderDay 3 of Dope Days took place at my place of employment. I’m constantly testing experiments, and my office happened to be my next laboratory. I work in Fashion, so you have to remember our dress code is totally different from that of a normal corporate office, we take chances aka RISK. Was this jersey a risk perhaps, perhaps not? I was leaning on the perhaps not and it turns out I was correct. Many of the people in the office complimented the jersey and not only did they compliment on how “DOPE” the jersey was, but they also complimented on how different I looked. I also have to throw in how many people said that they wanted to order it. On this day I recorded a total of 11 people saying they were interested in purchasing this GEM. It’s all about versatility and I know how to switch it up when I feel like it. The evidence lies within the Internet. I have to state once more than I am obsessed with the items I have from DOPE. It’s quite disgusting actually no one should be this excited over clothing, but here I am thrilled to the max. IMG_8096On day 3 I added another DOPE item with my look to offset the rest of the week, and that was indeed the DOPE hat I wore. I have to be honest and say that I truly didn’t remember it said DOPE under the hat until right before I took these photos. Can I admit that I am totally in tune with casual clothing right now? New York City is still disgusting and I really cannot take it. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been repeating clothing this summer. It’s so hard to get dressed for work now, because I truly never know what my day will consist of and that’s a scary feeling to be presented with every morning when one is getting ready for work. The type of DOPE I’m on is good for you, you might want to invest. It’s not only going to improve your closet, but it’s also going to make it more versatile. Here’s to the kid who thought this whole closet would only consist of suits when he reached a certain age. Reality kicked in, paying your dues kicked in, and working 9 to 5 just to stay alive, kicked in. Like I said before I’m aging backwards and my youth is coming back which means he, yes that’s third person so I’m speaking of myself is having fun again. Click to get your fix!