The Cure to Coldness: Axe Dry-Spray

There’s this new thing going around called Dry Spray! Here’s why this is such an important fix, remember those mornings getting ready for school and/or work, or those showers that you took before leaving the house. Now remember trying to spray body spray on and remembering no matter how far away you held the bottle it was still too cold for comfort and you could barely stand to spray it on. Well brands have found a solution and that solution is dry spray. I currently have two bottles from another brand, and this exact bottle from Axe, and I can admit that these are life savers. IMG_9078I mean the fumes can extremely strong if you spray too much inside an enclosed area, but don’t inhale too much and you’ll be fine. As I were getting ready this morning I had to decide between whether I wanted to spray on cologne or just do the dry spray until I arrived at my destination, because we all know how hot and humid New York City is right now and no one really wants anything on their skin, not even lotion. I say that to say that dry spray is a great substitute until you arrive to a place with A/C where you can finally put on all your scents without sweating them away. I’m not sure how people love summer exactly. Okay well I get it, schools out, perfect days for going to the beach and if you hate the winter then I guess it makes sense. Truthfully I’d rather the cold over the heat any day I just can’t fight the heat the way I can fight the cold. Dry spray is virtually non-existent I can honestly say you don’t even feel like you have anything on, not to mention that it still smells good I mean I cannot speak for every single bottle of dry spray you come across, but the one I’m introducing you to is what you need.