Has Adidas Won Me Over?

IMG_9041I thought I would forever love Nike, I do; however Adidas has won me over with one of their SUPERSTAR 80S DLX SUEDE SNEAKERS. In the quarters in which I work in we have a large inventory of Adidas; just you know lounging around on shelves, which gives me the opportunity to look at the different styles as well as find my favorite and I’ve found it. I need every color available in this suede version. They’re so clean and I mean that it isn’t an exaggeration. Stay with me now, because I’ve already confessed that I’m a Nike fan, not that I wear Nike a lot to be honest. I use to as a kid, but my shoe preferences changed with age, is this a case of Benjamin Button, is my style aging backwards? Could be I’ve always have a thing for menswear from the 1920’s; however that’s a topic for another day. Back to the sneaker at hand IMG_9040 The coloring of these shoes are so rich, and the suede fabric adds another layer of dopenessif that is even a word” to the shoes. Constantly seeing the cool guys dressed their Adidas up with a suit and tie, or dressing their suits down with a pair, causes you to feel like you need a pair. Have I given into peer pressure? I thought I was above that even back in the 90’s; however now I’m succumbing to the pressure of not having the “IT” shoe, okay I’m lying, but that sounded good right. I’m taken by the shoe because of the way it looks, and feels. I’m totally okay with slipping these on and having a casual day. We all need shoes that one doesn’t need to worry about when wearing, and I think these shoes will provide that to me, and to you.