Three Dope Days: Day 2

IMG_8225Wearing the dopest Jersey ever made, okay maybe that’s up for argument when it comes to sports or maybe it isn’t. All this clothing came at the perfect moment. It’s been disgustingly hot in New York as of late, and to be honest I don’t own many short sleeve shirts anymore which is quite a bummer. DOPE saved me; however not only was it short sleeve, but it was mesh which meant I wasn’t suffering underneath. Secretly I love these dope items, and I’m not just saying that, I wish I had a bigger inventory, it’s refreshing to feel at ease during the summer. I need more casual clothing being that my job comes with unexpected manual labor at times. I will definitely have these items for a while, only downfall is that they’re so memorable so rule #1 take no more photos in them from here on out. It’s like the rule of repeating.IMG_8220 It was a sunny sunday and I wanted to change things up a bit so instead of my usual black or dark denim jean I went with a bleached out blue pair of distressed denim jeans which are another one of my favorites now, and I paired the look which a pair of white vans, you know representing for LA today. I always make note of the compliments I get so I can report them back to you guys, and they went “that is so cute, your jersey is really dope, lol that is a dope shirt, where’d you get that from?, is that by the brand out in LA?” I responded to the last one with a smile and a yes; yes it is! I’ve been hearing a lot of can you get me a jersey, can you? Okay guys I’m not a Salvation Army, but I’ll see what I can do perhaps a giveaway? As I write this I’m on the my phone heading downtown to a Fossil Preview wearing a Dope Quilted Hat! Stay Tuned Day 3 is on its way, and while you wait shop  IMG_8226