A Cold Day for Rick Owens

He’s prepared in the best way possible. By creating this coat and pant combo he’s actually created one hell of a suit if you think the same way I do. When I first saw this combo I thought it was a suit, and my initial reaction was “look at Rick, creating suits and stuff” okay I didn’t exactly say stuff, but I’ll keep the vulgarity to myself. I was so impressed I thought the description said it was a suit, but after examining and rereading I realized that the top layer was actually a coat and not a suit jacket. It will definitely fool you, so you may want to pay more attention to detail and “wording“. The fact that these pants still include a drop crotch is the most epic part of this look. How can you not be drawn in by the way this looks on the model. I mean it flows so effortlessly, especially if you choose these exact Rick Owens boots. I mean sure change it up and make it your own; however something’s are meant to not be undone and this is one of those things. It’s pure perfection, wait am I a clothing groupie? No no, that’s not possible I just know good clothing when I see it! Where and when did I inherit this trait I couldn’t tell you, but trust when I say my taste is A1, yes that punch was line for steak sauce. I’m part of the working poor, so you won’t be catching me in this moment anytime soon, but if you’re able, do me a favor and show me how it’s done.