How to Cuff a Guy!

With something expensive of course! Wait maybe that’s just me? Moving on, Miansai has this gold-plated cuff that I think every guy would appreciate and you should too. Why you say? Well the price, it’s not damaging at all considering you have the money and you’re priorities aren’t out-of-order and/or you not irresponsible with your money. I need something gold, all of my jewelry in today’s era of Rashad happens to be sliver and I need something gaudy for crying out loud. Truthfully this cuff isn’t gaudy at all. It’s rather small if you ask me which is what I need and most men don’t like to be too flashy they sort of repel that, unless you find you a guy who loves jewelry then you’re in for a different world. If you aren’t quite hip to the companies out there catering to jewelry for men you’re missing out, and you should definitely take the time to check out Miansai as this will save your life whether you’re a guy shopping for yourself or a girl shopping for that guy in your life whether it be your father, brother, or significant other!IMG_8344