The Quiet side of Givenchy

Very quiet indeed! Givenchy just released a sneaker that is some subtle in its appearance it’s almost silent. In today’s times when you think of Givenchy you expect some type of pattern, stud, or embroidering. None of which are on this shoe. Yes Mr.Riccardo designed something for those high-end customers who enjoy the minimalistic look that’s always trending.IMG_8331Sometimes it’s quite refreshing to just throw “slip” on something simple and keep it moving. You know the those days when you don’t care to put an ounce of thought into what you’re wearing out of the house that day, this sneaker would be for that day. It’s also a plus that it came in black, I mean a black sneaker is the perfect must-have item. It should definitely be a staple in every man and young boys closet. How can you not own a black sneaker? I know sometimes the black sneaker with the white sole can sometimes add a piece of annoyance to your life especially when you’re specifically searching for an all black sneaker i.e no white of any other color anywhere.

2 responses to “The Quiet side of Givenchy

  1. I will have to admit, these are probably the nicest sneakers givenchy has made. now Common projects has some competition on their hands if they continue to produce such clean line sneakers

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