New York Men’s Fashion Week: Pyer Moss Spring 2016 Menswear Presentation

IMG_7940Pyer Moss led the line up last week! This was my last show of New York Men’s Fashion Week, and it definitely took me out with a bang. As soon as I stepped into the room I was instantly engulfed with Hip-hop music blasting and people all around having a good time. Well maybe minus the models since they had to you know “model“. I walked into a room full of black, and I’m not talking about the people. I’m talking about the garments. I mean it looked hot figuratively and literally, this collection sizzled in the right way. IMG_7942At times, we all need a brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and leaves room for you to be that cool kid with edge. It’s really shows how runway shows can make the most basic item seem cool. I’m sure we’ve all owned a pair of Nike slides in life. Okay, maybe not all of us, but many of us and I’m sure no one said oh look those slides look so dope with that look. Hmmm, maybe I’m speaking for myself? I did however find myself loving the way the slides were styled with the red socks! So Fetch! Red, white, and Black make for a lovely color combination, but it wasn’t just the colors it was how the colors were played with, along with different garments being made out of different fabrics. It’s like “Fabric blocking” is that a thing? Or did I just create that? As soon as I stepped in, I bumped into the first model, whom I follow on Instagram through MaleCritique’s account and I absolutely envy this model for his bone structure. Wait it’s not about him! This look featured a mash-up of different styles from street to urban chic. I love almost anything with a clean line button up featured with it, and for this to be displayed with the look on top of all the casual pieces it really brought this look alive.IMG_7944 Next stop, the second model haha; I’ve never wanted a sweatshirt so bad in my life. The way this pocket is aligned makes for an interesting piece along with the contrasting white to let others know where your pocket resides. This look also featured knee braces. I mean I am not Forest Gump, but I wouldn’t mind being him for a day in the name of Fashion. Pyer Moss created one of the coolest motor jackets I’ve ever seen. Seriously this combining fabric with this matte finish makes this an item hot ticket item. Let’s talk about how this will definitely sellout. Although this next look is reminisce of a shag carpet I loved it. Would I wear it? That’s up for question, and it better be a good question. I’m not sure this is a look for the real world it’s like okay you definitely have to wear it in the winter, but you also have to be extremely careful with the material and I don’t know if I want people to call me Shaggy? Did that go over your head? If so, you’ll get it later. It really is a great feeling to leave a show or presentation wanting more. If they did this for spring, what’s in store for Fall? Only time will tell, and time has already started ticketing.