New York Men’s Fashion Week: Craft Atlantic’s Spring 2016 Menswear Presentation

IMG_7819I stepped into Craft Atlantic’s presentation at Americano Hotel in Chelsea and felt like I had just became a character in the movie “Deep Blue Sea“. For one the collection was underground which is exactly where the entire Deep Blue Sea movie took place under ground “underwater“. Offering an array of blue jewels aka garments that were really made for the boys at sea. Models make everything seem bigger than life. It was like watching a gif in real life. Except there was no gif and it was real life. I constantly say how I enjoy the models being able to move around and not stand like a stick figure. I think these models put the co in cool, they knew how to pose and move with the correct amount of face! It’s like “look practice your movements while we’re backstage!” IMG_7930During my short time at this presentation I really appreciated all the work that went into making this “craft” come alive. It was like Gilligan’s Island takes on the color blue. Not so much on the island side, but more on the we were at sea and got stranded and didn’t have a change of clothes. Think the “Navy” and when they’re abroad they wear blue. I’m really coming up with tons of references here. Fashion should make you think, it should make you question. Everything isn’t easily understood, but some times one must find a way to make it relatable. You know what came to mind while researching the video I recorded at the presentation? “Boom! We are the boys in motion” catch that “That’s so Raven” reference.