New York Men’s Fashion Week: Perry Ellis Spring 2016 Menswear Show

IMG_8053Last week at Perry Ellis, we were fed a lot of blue, some mustard, some cinnamon and some brown sugar. I was extremely amped for this Perry Ellis show, because I was left wanting more after last season. This is season two of Michael’s career as creative director and he is definitely doing his best to rebrand Perry Ellis, all while trying to pay homage to Perry himself. I’m sure that’s hard balancing, being that we live in a completely different society from the 90’s when Perry Ellis was all the rave. Those kids born I say after 93 probably still don’t know and those born in the 2000’s will never understand what Perry Ellis meant back in the day. IMG_8052What I love most about what I am experiencing with this new Perry Ellis is how I can witness a change. Many brands had to start over fresh and bring in someone new, but this is my first time witnessing an older brand get revamped right before my eyes.
Today at work all I could think of was what Perry presented the world with last week. I mean this new team definitely deserves an “E” for execution. Continuously or at least for the last two seasons the revamp is proving to be a great step in the right direction. I’m finding myself to be really intrigued with colored suits. It’s really not enough for me to have the pants, which is the bind I am in right now with this one pair of blue suit pants I currently own. What must one do when everything is sold out and you only have half of the puzzle complete. It’s almost not even enough anymore for the suits to be colored; us cool kids need more. We need design, we need patterns, we want texture we can feel. Is that a sense of greed or just a testament to the notion that men aren’t still stuck in a box. Kind of hard to tell, but if you make it they will come, and someone like me will come. I can only speak for myself, and probably those reading this post which would mean they’re at least interested in what you have to say and what you have to display.