New York Men’s Fashion Week: Gypsy Sport Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_7375Gypsy Sport’s collection was way to the far left of eclectic, and not for the faint of heart. You have to learn to appreciate Fashion for what it is, which is art. I think people, and even myself sometimes forget that every thing a designer designs or every collection isn’t mean to be sold and worn, but to be featured in editorial work. Lately, as in the past few months I’ve been looking at collections and thinking to myself. Who’s buying this, and when I say that I mean what store buyers, and what store customers; not that anyone won’t but who is this person, I need to meet them. I have faith that people more specifically “men” are bolder than people think. Now, I say that knowing that a lot aren’t. I have to go on record and say just because something isn’t for you doesn’t mean you’re not bold it just means you have limits and/or you know your style and what works for you and you stick to that. I really appreciated this collection yesterday, I was instantly pulled in by the fact that this wasn’t totally opposite from me, but I loved it. Perhaps it was the cool presentation they had going on that brought everything to life. If the models were told to be stick figures for this collection it would’ve hurt the artistry behind this collection and the life of it would have been over looked. It makes me wonder what if this entire group of models were to go out into the city on just a regular day. What would the reaction be? Of course, if they were parading in a heavy tourist area the amount of people taking photos would be insane, but what if they were in a more “New Yorker” area like the West Village, or Uptown. How would the world outside of the Fashion industry appreciate this collection or would they be left with much confusion?