New York Men’s Fashion Week: Robert Geller’s Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

If you’ve been a avid reader of MaleCritique, you know I adore Robert Geller, and this season I finally got to attend his show. IMG_6967Robert constantly stays consistent and never lets you down. Let’s start with look 1 shall we? Forget the clothes, well okay don’t forget them; but can we focus on the bag the model had.Giant brown “paper” leather bag there “Que Lil Wayne”. I mean that was very interesting to witness how the simple things in life can be crafted into a work of art. I’m sure we’ve all have carried a brown paper bag out of a bodega and/or corner store in our lives, especially when it’s a beverage.IMG_6989 You know how you grip it by the neck and keep it moving that’s what look one reads. Season after season I’ve thirsted for a hat from Robert Geller, and I’ve still yet to become an owner, but that doesn’t mean I never will as hats are of Robert’s staples. He continously presents the crowd with a dramatic hat that the boys of this world we call fashion need. Look 4, this aluminum & purple look just in case you’re not following along with a look book in front of you reminds me of something I own and have worn before except when I wore it my top was purple and “aluminum” silver and my shoes were purple suede. At some point during the construction of this collection either Robert or someone said what’s a waist? Why? Well if you continue to scroll and hit look 6 it almost becomes non-existent or is that just genetics of the model. I’m quite the loyal being, and with that being said black will forever be my number one, but I’ve really fallen in love with this Burn’t Orange color.IMG_6975 I can distinctively remember back to 8th grade. I don’t know who purchased them either myself or my mother, but I was a proud owner of a pair of burn’t Orange Timberlands. My favorite shoe at that time, but it received minimal usage; me being from Florida and all they weren’t really necessary, on top of that my feet kept growing. I was stuck on look 14 literally stuck, and that’s evident because this was the only look I posted on my Instagram from this collection besides a video I just didn’t want another look competing, that was before I saw look 16, but I did’t get a good photo of that one so I was slumped. Those neutral earth tones I spoke of during the men’s collections overseas definitely found their way to the states because through this entire collection pastels were absent.

Disclaimer; the angle in which I was standing didn’t allow for me to capture the bags! I know, I know. Im disappointed as well, but there’s always a chance next season that I’ll be on the lucky side.