New York Men’s Fashion Week: Nick Graham’s Spring 2016 Presentation

IMG_6978Soon as I stepped into Milk Studios the Nick Graham presentation was in motion. Models on platform “posing” and having a good time. Nick presented a long line up of really great suits. On one end the sky light up with colors so sweet it reminded you of cotton candy, and towards the other end things started to dim down. Can I be honest? Okay I was torn between the two. The look to the right really stole my attention, it was a perfect take on translating from work to play. Casual enough for a work environment that’s requires more than you sitting at a desk from 9-5, but also tailored enough for an evening at your favorite restaurant that comes with a dress code. The look that had everyone trying to capture photos however was this black & sliver floral look. I mean this look was even giving Tom Ford a run for his money and store on Madison. I would love to see this on someone’s red carpet, but I just who’s bold enough in Hollywood to take it on. It’s a risk, but once again what’s fashion without risk? I need you to zoom in on the detailing however this was definitely a fantastic treat for the public. Who’s buying Barney’s or Bergdorf’s? 

One response to “New York Men’s Fashion Week: Nick Graham’s Spring 2016 Presentation

  1. I agree that suit at the bottom is such a good look. I like the sneaker instead of dress shoe thing a lot. Menswear is becoming much more cooler

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