New York Men’s Fashion Week: Duckie Brown’s Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_6983Duckie brown presented a collection of grogeous shirts aka blouses for men yesterday. I mean the material was absolutely phenomenal. What’s fashion without risk? The boys behind Duckie Brown definitely took some “risk” once they started designing these see-through shirts for men. As soon as the first model came down the runway the collection started to unfold. The shirts were very simple being that, there wasn’t much detailing on them i.e embroiding, prints, patterns! Just simply lovely material and a nipple or two. IMG_6981I mean of course it wasn’t completely undone. Look 2 featured a long sleeve shirt with a zipper, the color of the fabric is what made this shirt so special. I know some of these shirts were made of silk, what type of silk exactly I’m not sure but does it really matter? As the models pranced down the runway you saw just how light weight all the materials in this collection were. Was I being fooled? Were fans blowing and I was just too far back to see them or were the models, yes “male” models just that graceful? I find it extremely hard for me to wear oversized clothing. I don’t think I’ve tricked my mind into allowing me to do such a thing. Maybe because I’m short and I’m not sure if I will have the same effect as the guy that’s 6’1? Insecure?IMG_6982 No, I just know what works for me and what doesn’t. I own one lavender shirt and I hardly wear it, one because it’s a spring color, and easily remembered. Well I guess that makes two, and thirdly in the winter it’s just not a color of the season. See how I end up at a road block, and fourth I can only wear that shirt when I know I won’t be doing much movement. Look 6, has me changing my mind though. Not sure if the shoes would translate into the real world as oppose to the runway. At the show I didn’t quite catch it, but upon reviewing the collection afterwards I saw that this wasn’t just you know silk shirt it also featured a hood which made it almost jacket-like or is there no almost and it is what it is? Later on, in the collection came this electric yellow that totally stole the entire I mean yellow, after yellow, after yellow that’s not an exaggeration it was three yellow looks so I didn’t that correctly, this full yellow ensemble was Something you’d see parading around the playboy mansion, totally a compliment if you ask me. All the bunnies would notice you.