Best Buy Collaborates with Cole Haan

ImageRemember the time when phone cases didn’t exist! The time when cell phones were virtually indestructible? Well, that’s not the world we live in anymore! I recall getting my first cell phone in seventh grade, it was from AT&T when AT&T was Cingular, and it was made by Nokia! I was so in love with my phone because I was one of the few kids to have one. It was in black and white, and my favorite game was Snake. Lets fast forward to present day and now I have an iPhone 6, beautiful phone, but it’s a death threat waiting to happen if you don’t have a case, and a lot of the times even if you do have a case, if dropped; you have a 5% chance of your phone not cracking. Since I got my iPhone 6 back in like February I was stuck with this black & pink case, well not really stuck I just wasn’t in a hurry to purchase a new case even though it clashed with everything I wore. Well it’s a new day! Best Buy has collaborated with Cole Haan to bring you five sophisticated iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus phone cases. These cases are truly a representation of Cole Haan, and they add almost nothing to your phone keeping it slim enough for those skinny pants us boys love so much. I picked the phone case pictured above. Of course, I love black; however I didn’t want to be so predictable and I wanted a color that I thought represented Cole Haan which is brown, not to mention the detailing on the back on this phone case. It never hurts to have a brand name phone case either. Yes I know, that was shallow but so what! Shop here for your Best Buy x Cole Haan phone case!