MFW16: Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_6018Salvatore Ferragamo ! Whoever the stylist(s) are for this collection. Please give them a raise immediately! The Ferragamo team just spit up looks this season like nothing. I mean not one single boring look alive in this collection, and that’s not said too often during Fashion week. Look after look after look was a master piece. I have to go on record and say I did the “whole cap and tie outside of shirt thing back in 2010” just giving credit when credits due. Ok enough of me. IMG_6017The hue of colors that were presented in this collection played a major role in this magnificent execution. Perfectly nestled and perfectly tailored pants sat on top of each sneaker like there was a hand holding them up just right, and these sneakers are just as delicious. I mean this is the type of guy you expect to see walking into a place where creatives reside aka the arts! You know how everyone had that one cool teacher that you still remember till this day whether it was 12yrs ago in elementary school or 2yrs ago as a senior in college. This collection would be that professor.IMG_6016 The one who has all the girls lined up during his office hours. Check the tilt on the cap on select models! The color blocking that’s on the garments themselves instead of layers was a nice touch as well. I mean they really put their foots into this collection. I’m sure all the magazines are ready to pull this entire collection for their magazines right now. Can we get this tomorrow? No wait we’re still working on Fall stories right now, but soon and very soon these samples will be making their ways to showrooms all over. There’s a golden-yellow suit that is screaming my name. Scream when you see it so you know exactly what I am talking about, then comes this burnt orange suit. Massimiliano Giornetti I need all 38 looks so I can kill the game for the next 38 days of my life. Give me another reason to celebrate getting up everyday. IMG_6015