MFW16: Marni’s Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_9670Did you catch Marni’s casual sophistication? Did you? The collection! Did you see it? No well good, because let me tell you all about it. Absolutely phenomenal. Marni embodied the clean line effect this season. I mean they absolutely took things to another level. Here’s what I like to call “took my shoes off” well for a few of the looks anyhow. It’s like coming home from a long day of work, and you happen to be very well dressed by the way and you need to run back out to the store or go down the block to the Bodega. What you don’t do is put back on the shoes you wore to work. You throw on your sandals or the most comfortable pair of sneakers, assuming they match or if you really don’t care they don’t match; for a good story lets say they actually match. Now you’ve just went from office chic to corner store fresh. Is swag a word in Milan? The middle look below is my definite favorite of this entire collection. This matching shirt with pant combo is insane. I love how they arms are the matching part, this has to be the first I’ve even seen a pairing such as this and it’s a win win! When I go through collections I imagine myself in thee entire look, and dream of myself walking around New York City like a walking billboard. I’m sure others can attest to this same fantasy and someday it will come true. I have pulled together my five favorite looks from this collection, and I know my choices are your choices!IMG_5995