MFW16: Neil Barrett Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_5986Neil! Oh my Neil, Oh My! Every single season you leave my mouth-watering! Your designs are the epitome of cool, and you know that yourself. Last season, the season before, the season before that, and many seasons ago! Neil is obviously a favorite of mines. I mean every season he continuously kills contemporary fashion, and when I say contemporary I mean the brands that aren’t all about suits, but about the calm, cool, and collected children of Fashion. If you’ve never touched a Neil Barrett design you really have no idea how great his clothing is. I mean you can feel the fabric and it’s more than just an intake of “that’s feels nice” no dear, it feels amazing it’s like words can’t even describe the type of fabric he uses. God obviously supplies him with his fabrics, because they can’t be bought at your local fabric store and I don’t believe I’ve seen this in the legendary “Mood” either. Right now I’m on a detox!IMG_6043 A detox of shopping, and spending money I don’t need to spend and with this detox will come a reward to that one day perhaps in December I will be able to shop heavily again, but I can’t wait until spring when I can walk in one of these department stores on fifth avenue, purchase Neil Barrett, and make my way home. I must not forget how well Neil’s collection translate from the runway to the real world. If you know Fashion or at least know clothing you can spot Neil Barrett. Especially if you keep up with seasonal wear. For some this may be detrimental to their brand because of the logos or what have you. In Neil’s case he doesn’t have logos but he creates memorable clothing that you know it when you see it, and you appreciate seeing it, because that person wearing it appreciates it just as much as you! Hey! Did you catch these sliver caped-toed shoes! I love a cap-toed shoe, and I am a proud owner of one pair this far. Will these be my second?