MFW16: Andrea Pompilio Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_0520Last season, I became a fan and this season I’m still one. You know how that goes one minute in fashion you’re in and the next you’re out well let’s say Andrea has minutes left. This spring collection screams im a free spirit and I wear what I want. This collection was made for the guy who know no boundaries, whose shorts are well above his knee and he doesn’t even know, much less wonders why you even notice. I mean who else ties a scarf around their neck just to say they did it?IMG_6034 That kid in school who was super cool, but everyone picked at his style, and then he grew up, hit puberty and by the time you caught onto his style he was already onto the next. I love a causal suit moment just as much as I love a tailored one. It’s something about being able to turn something so regal into something so casual that not everyone can accomplish. It’s like seeing those guys who work on Wall Street with their too big suits, and their horrible sneakers walking to work! It’s works for them though. If I had that much confidence I would be trouble, but wait is that confidence or just out of touch? Are you out of touch with your measurements or what your dressed code policy is? Or are you too busy following stats instead of following Fashion? Is the world of pie charts more exciting than a board of looks? Nothing else adds more to a look more than a great bag, and Andrea presented uber deluxe bags with his collection. I mean “jumbo” to make things more apparent so you can see what I’m really saying, and what he really wanted to say! Awkward guys rejoice you’ve just been given the pass.