MFW16: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_7644Dolce & Gabbana leaves my mouth wide every season! No one else puts on a show like them. To showcase 107 looks to buyers, editors, bloggers, and so on. How long was this show? Never mind that question. Dolce’s prints are always the best. I have to wonder what Mr. Dolce & Mr. Gabbana’s tactics are for designing a collection so vast. IMG_6033I mean yes of course the prints get repeated, but they’re repeated in different ways hence what you see displayed in the lookbook. One print may consist of a coat, bomber, and blazer. Yes, they may be of the same print, but the look is entirely different. Presenting the public with options is what they do. Ever been in a store and saw a design you loved, but you’re there wishing it was a jacket instead of a shirt, or a pant instead of a short. Me too! I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who think that, and these two know that because they fix that by their offerings. Can I point out that they do distressed denim extremely well I mean the pairing with the looks is just effortless, and I can’t even beginning to describe my affection for look 5, 11, 40, 49, and 89. I mean my god, who gave them the ability to take my voice away? I’d like to think that this male duo dominates Milan when it comes to High Fashion menswear, yes we can debate I’m always open to be persuaded but I’d like to think that I’m right. Milan Fashion week is not over, so there’s still room for this throne to be snatched, and you all know I’ll be waiting to tell you who did. I know everyone doesn’t have the time or even mental capacity to sit and look at 107 looks, which is why you have me to dissect the best ones.