LCM16: Agi & Sam Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_5295On Instagram, I said that Agi & Sam presented a new approach to oversized & waterproof, that was my initial reaction for what was laid out before me. Hours later, and I still agree, although once I received more background information on the collection, I was left wondering what actually happened. Truly enough, I don’t really care what happened, because the brand impressed me with the low-crotch wide and cropped trousers. I’ve yet to purchase a pair of any of those designs, and I’m sitting here wondering what’s taking me so long? Ever have money you just don’t want to give up? I am pretty sure that may be my dilemma at this point in my life.AgiSamLook6 Moving on, starting from the beginning of the collection I was immediately taken in when I saw what appears to be neoprene to my eye. If your eye is telling you that this is actually a different fabric; please be so kind to let me know. I really love oversized clothing, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s for me. I think it’s for me, I want to wear it; then again I’m like ehh. If you want to be the coolest guy at the pajama party I suggest you follow-up with look 6 when this collection drops. It has TLC’sCreep” written all over it. AgiSamLook11Skip over to look 11, yes I know I’m on the move, and you have to keep up darling. Another movie reference here, take a good look at this what the model is wearing, and now think back to the movie “Clueless” when Cher was describing how guys dressed, totally what those three guys were wearing. It worked for them though, why? Well they all appeared to be over 6ft tall. The colors, and strips remind me of someone out in sea, which is where the whole “waterproof” comparison came from. Look 15Top Right” is my absolute favorite, although I heard a rumor that this vest has no back, so it won’t be keeping you dry or afloat anytime soon, but the color combination, trousers, and bag totally turn this into the perfect look to wear when out in the water until you know something goes wrong. I’m not sure what this duo is cooking up for Fall 16, but I’m ready! Now concentrate on the collection below!