LCM16: Hardy Amies Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_5259This season from Hardy Amies we were presented with different variations of Spring. On one hand he dressed the Northerner’s for their Spring aka still winter, but you can bare without an extremely large coat; however you may need a scarf. On the other hand he dressed those below the Mason Dixon line, those folks who can walk outside without any protective winter gear. Throughout all 35 looks of this collection you start to notice that most items are extremely tailored to the body, and then you start to notice that he left breathing room in a few of the looks. This collection also presented an amazing balance between the new kids, and the old men of Savile Row, follow what I’m saying here. This collection is young enough for the 20 something year olds such as myself, but clean and tailored enough for those who’ve been banking on Wall Street for 20 plus years. Get my drift? The color blue is obviously still trending, and if it in fact it stopped trending, it has returned to take over the department stores. Are pastels a thing of the past? Are earth tones the “new normal” for Spring? What I’ve noticed is that designers “creative directors” are either making everything extremely bright, or they dim it down with earth tones? As much as I wanted to label this tangerine colored suit my favorite, because of the color; I just couldn’t stray away from what my heart and I both felt was indeed “the Rashad” what is that exactly? Tailored to the max obviously!