LCM16: Coach Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

Did you Catch everything that came down Coach’s runway from their spring 2016 collection? It was definitely busy show. With all the prints you could think of. When I first started flipping through this collection, I thought it was a mistake. What happened to coach’s signature look, you know when everything was simple, and sleek? Then I was reminded that the new creative director is trying to rebrand. I went “duh” of course they’re over there trying to spice things up, and their continuing on with what reminds me of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air“. You really have to take a good look at the entire collection, and when I say “good look” I mean you need to take your time, and focus on each look. The detail, the prints. the sandals with the fur. Wait I got it! It just dawned on me. This collection reminds me of Scooby Doo, yes I know Scooby Doo was a dog, but if you think back to your childhood you can remind the color purple and all of the different colors.The animal print relates to Shaggy, the ladies that walked the runway in this show makes up for Velma, and Daphne. All the other guys refer to Fred, you’ll start to find the swag in there just like the girls on the show found it. With Coach still being new to the runway, I’m wondering how well their collections will connect with their customers who love them for their leather bags, and accessories? Are Coach customers ready to see the brand they know and love have fun by stepping out of the box with their designs? Take a look, and find your inner tv sitcom.