Guys! Out With the Funk, In with the Jo

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Day after Day we as in “us guys” take off layers and layers of clothing including undergarments that seal away the days funk. Sure things seem fine at first, “oh there’s only an outfit or two in my hamper“. What happens when the hamper starts to fill up? Those daily fumes start to mix and they create a not so welcoming smell. That’s one story to funk. What if your bathroom is connected to your room and the bathroom door gets left open constantly after use of toilet or shower; especially a hot shower? Heat can cause your room to warm up and feel sticky which they drives your comforter, rugs and so on to leak out their toxic smells that have accumulated over the weeks or months. How often do you find yourself lighting candles, febreezing till you can’t breathe anymore, and/or designating and entire bottle of cologne to your room for a constant flow? I can testify to two of those options. It’s imperative to keep a clean room, and a fresh one. Having a tidy room is great, but if it stinks then all that organization matters none. Jo Malone! I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand, especially if you’re taste level is above average.IMG_4994 Jo Malone has fragrances for the home from candles, diffusers, room sprays, and linen sprays! Basically everything you need to keep your room in constant rotation of amazing smells! I would suggest buying the same smell and if you want to mix then just one more. You don’t want to confuse yourself or over do it. Today, I can vouch for one of Jo’s diffuser’s and it’s the Pomegranate Noir Scent. It is absolutely divine , and you must purchase. This diffuser is located in the one of the many restrooms at my job “that’s actually how I found out about this scent”. One day I was going in to handle business and the next moment I was adding this to my list of things I want to buy. I’m not selfish I’m here to share! Shop Jo Malone here,