Chambray = Shirt of the Summer?

IMG_4582Is it me or does Summer unofficially officially start after Memorial Day? Is the how it goes? I know summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, but tis the season to keep it casual; at least that’s what I’ve been documenting at work. Everyone has ditched the “suit everyday look”, and turned to well-kept denim, along with short sleeves shorts. The use of the word “everyone” is a bit dramatic, but I like that effect. Along with the well-kept denim, comes the denim on denim look; and the top half of that shirt has constantly been Chambray. Yes I take silent polls. I pay attention to what those in my office wear, and Casual Fridays have turned into casual weeks, but how can you blame anyone with New York City, and it’s humidity. You never know when a train cart or even the entire train is going to be without a/c during the summer months. I actually just experienced that last night, and let me inform you on how disgusting I felt….. “I’m done” Catch a ride, and you’ll feel my drift. Chambray also comes in grey, but is more known for the sky blue color we all know so well. Being that I work in the Fashion Industry these aren’t going to just be your chambray shirt from Walmart, and/or Target. No Sir, we talk designer, and we wear it. Okay I lied! Everyone doesn’t need the most expensive, and that’s what the fashion industry is about right? High & Low?! Find your Chambray below, and become apart of the cool kids.