Dove Men; The Soap

Dove Men; The Soap from Rashad Benton on Vimeo.

In this day and age, most guys don’t use soap! Shower Gel is just so much more convenient and comes in so many different scents. I use a range of shower gels, because scents turn me on okay okay enough! If I can be truthful I rarely use soap. I have soap in my room for those days when I’ve run out of shower gel, and walking to the store is the last thing that I want to do. It’s always good to have a plan B. Recently, well more like last month I was contacted by Dove Men to test our some products. Naturally soap is always the easiest go to product, and I really needed to shower last night as being out in the city all day can definitely send you home dirty, and with that dirt came funk, like I had just left football practice or something. Being that I don’t use soap often, I think when I say I’ve used something that there’s a good chance that the product is really worth it. You know Dove, I know Dove. I used Dove, now it’s your turn to use Dove