Ironically I walked past the Margiela store in the West Village the other day. No I didn’t stop in, because what’s the point? Of course it would be truly wonderful if you could walk in, study the merchandise, take some photos for your personal use and leave, but that’s not happening, and I hate teasing myself. Those boutique stores are annoying. There so small, you feel forced to buy at least something. End of Rant! What I truly want to talk about this Margiela’s takes on this varsity jacket. So I’ve been interested in customizing a varsity jacket since college, and I’ve yet to do it. I honestly don’t know exactly why, but I just haven’t. I was just thinking about that the other day too. Today, I came across this master piece.IMG_4207 I mean the different fabrics, and the placing of those fabrics. This jacket is so luxe, and obviously an eye catcher. Fellas! Obviously you can see what I see in this jacket. The deconstructed feel that this jacket is offering is the best part. It’s like Mother had no more money to buy you a new winter jacket this season, so she sewed together all the remaining fabric she had left, and created a one of a kind that all the kids at school would want, and may even try to steal. It’s sort of like Frankenstein. An unfinished body of amazing work all sewn together to create what’s never been done before. Was that too deep?