Gucci Gets Low

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We all know Gucci does loafers, and boots extremely well; however in the same breath their low top sneakers never really caught my attention, that is until now. Jeez I need an endless supply of money. I need to be able to be a guy who wakes up on a Saturday morning and decides he wants to go down to Gucci, and buy something. You know, whenever I feel like it, and not because I saved for it. Perhaps you can or perhaps you can’t tell, but I’m on the prowl for a really good sneaker, and I’m trying to stay away from the obvious sneaker. Now I say that with much respect, because Gucci is one of the worlds most famous fashion houses. What Gucci did right this time was not plaster their logo all over this shoe. They left it sleek and chic. I mean lets not mess up Crocodile here. If you’ve been listening lately you should know that my hours are long now, and my feet need all the comfort they can get. What soothes your feet more than knowing your prancing around the office in Gucci sneakers? Let’s address another issue! This deep red is phenomenal it does however make it a bit of a hassle to match everything with it, but then maybe that’s a good thing because knowing me I would end up wearing these everyday so maybe that’s a plus that it doesn’t match everything in my closet. I use to be into everything that added height to my current height! So high tops and boots only; okay that’s a bit insecure and overtly dramatic. What I really meant is that I love when I wear high tops or boots, because they add height, but as my style has transformed over the years, I’ve become much more interested in low-top shoes besides you know a few brands; sometimes the shorties aka low-tops work best.