A Bag for Work!

IMG_3158Never in my day would I think I would be one of those guys who needed a book bag for work. I thought I would be the guy who had one just because I didn’t want to carry certain things in my hand i.e cologne, phone charger you know small things. Today however things have changed and I’m starting to see why even men change their shoes after work.IMG_3160 Being that I run around all day my feet have been barking, they aren’t use to this type of stress. Obviously I have bags, I was just a college student not too long ago so I’m prepared, but I need something new. I need my bag to say something else! “Yes it’s a book bag, but there aren’t any books in here“.IMG_3159 This here is WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, and the only thing inside is other labels. You know my Birkenstock sandals for after work. My Fendi tioletry bag that I need after lunch being that my teeth need to be brush. I don’t frequent Bergdorf Goodman as much as I use to; that’s due to not having enough time anymore. I will say last time I went to Barney’s WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie had a tangerine leather bag that I instantly fell in love with. I hadn’t paid much attention though until I seen Nick Wooster post a black leather bag from the same company and I couldn’t believe it’s beauty I was hooked, but I ponder on the fact of spending $1000 on a backpack. That’s not to say I wouldn’t, but not at this time. Upon my search for a bag I came across this new bag by said brand, and sure it’s not all leather like the one I mentioned before, but it’s also half the price, and offers a cool color way. Details throughout the entire bag from the outside to the inside, and even on the straps. I must admit I’m a little apprehensive about having a bag with so many colors being that I need a bag that goes with everything. Perhaps I should just shut up and if that’s the case get back in the market for a black bag after this purchase. If you’re in need of a new bag as well shop here http://www.wantessentiels.com/us_en.