A Nike I Want.

IMG_2915I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever said hey I really want a pair of Nike’s. Wait! I take that back I definitely remember saying that in 6th grade circa 2002-03, when I really wanted a pair of Air Force Ones for school. I think I wanted them in black, and white. Aside from that particular sneaker I don’t think I’ve ever really sat online, and said wow I want those Nike’s. Wait! I think I can prove myself wrong again. I remember back in my MySpace days so circa 05-09 I really want these Nike SB dunks that this guy had on in one of his photos. I have no clue why I never messaged him and asked, but I never did. 2005 was literally a decade ago well the beginning anyhow, but the beginning of my MySpace life didn’t start until perhaps the end of 2005 or maybe even early 2006 I know it came from hearing a conversation in Driver’s Ed however.

Today however my eyes have landed on a pair of Nike’s I desperately want, and I feel the need to purchase. Not only do I want a sneaker, I need a sneaker. I need something comfortable, because this new job I have allows me probably about 20 minutes to sit down, and that’s including lunch! I’m always on my feet so I need a smart investment when it comes to my next shoe purchase. Let me take a trip down memory lane. I remember when I first heard of Nike Boots. It was before Wale was this known rapper today, he had a song called Nike Boots that I heard on somebody’s MySpace page. I’m going to assume they were from DC, but I’m thinking it was someone from LA who had it playing on their page. This was back when I thought Wale was pronounced “Whale” haha. “Nike Boots” came out in 2008 so I was either in the last semester of my 11th grade school year or in the first semester of my 12th grade year.IMG_2911