Product Report; Kenneth Cole “MANKIND Ultimate” Limited Edition Fragrance

IMG_5166Excuse my absence. I’ve had a heavy work load since I last posted and I’m breaking curfew to get this written right now. This limited edition fragrance by Kenneth Cole would make a perfect Father’s Day gift ladies and gentlemen it has the right amount of everything, and even though it’s a bit strong it doesn’t make you puke. Only a few sprays are needed and that will last you well through your work day, and if you’re like me right now you’re working 10 hours shifts. What I love about this fragrance is that with summer approaching, you want lighter scents because those musk scents can conflict with the season it’s like you almost have to wait until you get inside a building to spray on those heavy fragrances but the lighter fragrances such as this one are made to be sprayed on before venturing out in the summer heat because it cools you, and then releases its notes. I’m sure we’ve all been flattered once or twice by someone you don’t know telling you how great you smell. Not that you’re out fishing for compliments, but it always feels good to receive them. In the title you read the words “Limited” & “Addition” which means supply is low. Grabs yours before they’re gone. This fragrance is available at Macy’s and

One response to “Product Report; Kenneth Cole “MANKIND Ultimate” Limited Edition Fragrance

  1. yay ! you’re back! I was like well did he give up on the site. this fragrance looks good lol like water.. whatever edits you use on your photos definitely helps with getting people to want the product.

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