Thom Browne Makes a Sneaker.


Who would’ve thought that the Alexander McQueen of American Menswear Designer’s (Too much?) aka Thom Browne would create a sneaker. If there’s one thing I don’t think of when I think of Thom Browne it’s the term casual, even though he’s been producing leisure wear for quite some time now. I can honestly say I never expected a sneaker and if I did I would have assumed they would be of leather material. Ironically they aren’t, they are of canvas fabric which takes casual to a whole different level. These are made to be ran in, I’m guessing Thom wants everyone to be stylish while tackling your workout or your daily errands. I’ve really been in the market for a nice lace up sneaker that I can just throw on with anything and not have to search and destroy my room just to walk to Starbucks. Not only did he create an easy shoe, he also made them more accessible in terms of price in comparison to his other shoes. Now with that being said, do keep in mind that this is Thom Browne. I prefer the white versions over the navy blue. What’s your favorite? Wait before you go. Get your Thom Browne sweat suit, and then your Thom Browne Sneakers, and causally walk through your house, and to Starbucks!